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We offer massages of all types including Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, aromatherapy, and sports massage. Experience true, professional massage therapy.

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Oakdale, CA Massage Therapy

We love massages! And even more, we love giving them. If you’re stressed, sore, or just feel like treating yourself, give us a call to set an appointment. We pride ourselves on giving high-quality massages that absolutely melt your knots away.

We offer massages of all types and have special additions like essential oil treatments, pregnancy massages, reiki and more. Continue reading below to learn more about the different massages we offer. We have 60, 90, and 120-minute massages in any massage style you prefer.  


About Your Therapist

My names Nicole and I’m your massage therapist! My purpose is to help elevate you through massage and wholeness healing work. Over the past 20 years, I’ve assisted thousands of people like you through intentional, impactful massage therapy sessions. I enjoy educating my clients, answering your questions, and helping you release tension. One of my favorite things is seeing my clients happy faces after a relaxing, detoxing, de-stressing massage session.  I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve maximum stress relief. 

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Our Massages

Swedish massage

Swedish massage therapy was originally developed in Sweden with the goal of complete relaxation. It’s a powerful full body massage that’s become the most popular form of massage in the states.

With this massage, I use comfortable pressure and long sweeping strokes toward your heart to increase blood flow and circulation.

Swedish massage is one of the best massages styles for increasing blood flow, oxygen, detoxing, and improving flexibility. It’s also known to decrease stress hormones like cortisol – one of the primary hormones related to stress, weight gain, and many other negative conditions. 

Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massages are one of my favorite. It’s especially beneficial if you have tight muscles, knots, and toxins built up in your system. 

Similar to Swedish massage, it’s amazing for releasing chronic tension in your muscles. The deep tissue is called this because it penetrates to the deepest layers of your muscle tissue and fascia. In daily living, we build up scar tissue, toxins, and rigidity in our muscles and fascia tissue. The deep tissue targets these tight areas, breaking up the knots and toxins to release stress. 

In fact, a study in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine found that a 45-60 minute deep tissue massage lowers blood pressure, stress hormones, and improves positive mood hormones. 

If you’re interested in deep tissue massage, give me a call and we’ll schedule you asap. 

Prenatal massage

Prenatal massage is one of the most relaxing things you can do while pregnant. I take special care to ensure you’re completely comfortable, lying on your side or back. We use extra pillows to ensure there’s no stress on your lower back, neck, or pelvis which cause unnecessary discomfort.

Massages during pregnancy are known to reduce stress, improve wellness, and reduce common aches and pains. It also helps to reduce strain on joints, promote blood flow, increase lymph circulation and calm your nerves.

During your prenatal massage, we take special care to ensure maximum comfort, establish your preferred pressure, and target the areas where you’re experiencing the most discomfort. This massage relieves common pregnancy problems such as headaches, muscle tension, backaches, cramps, swelling, and more. By triggering mood improving hormones through massage your body turns on natural pain killers to help reduce pain. We also work sore muscles to reduce knots and tension that build up and create imbalances. 

Aromatherapy massage

We can add essential oils to any style of massage you choose for added benefits and relaxation. 

Our special aromatherapy massage is one of the most invigorating and simultaneously relaxing options you can get. We use high quality, food grade essential oils to produce an experience like no other. 

I use everything from cinnamon to lavender and everything in between depending on the type of massage and effect you’re going for. Cinnamon, for example, is a hot oil that heats up and loosens your muscles. It’s great for sports massage and deep tissue. While lavender, on the other hand, is ideal for deep relaxation and unwinding. When we meat you’ll tell me your goal, type of massage, and whether or not you want oils. From there, we pick the best oils to achieve maximum results. 

Sports massage

Are you sore from CrossFit or other sports? I have you covered with my sports massage. It’s like deep tissue and Swedish combination except that we focus on the sorest points. We take the time to identify what’s tight, causing pain, hurting performance, etc. and then work those tight muscles so you’re loose and ready to attack your next workout. 

Common sports massage areas include hamstrings, hips, upper back, shoulders, and lower legs. 

These are the areas I see getting tight on most athletes. They often cause a lack of mobility and can cause an imbalance in your muscles if not handled. When hamstrings are tight, it often leads to hip pain and then your body starts compensating for weak muscles leading to further imbalances. 

Another issue I often see is a lack of ankle flexibility due to tight muscles in the lower leg, ankles, and feet. I work these muscles to relieve tension, knots, break up scar tissue, and help you improve circulation. 

Sports massages are popular and make a big difference in your ability to perform both on and off the field. 

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