We have a pretty fit community here in Oakdale. With that, we get lots and lots of people who have aches, pains, and discomforts from sports. Whether you play soccer, baseball, basketball, CrossFit, or any other sport and you need a massage to help relieve those aches and pains, we can help!

What is sports massage

Sports massage is the practice of massage therapy and often several forms of massage combined. We may use Swedish massage techniques in conjunction with deep tissue massage as well as stretching. With sports massage, most of our athletes have specific areas that they want to focus on. It may be a muscle imbalance, sore hamstrings, shoulder pain, or another area such as feet and hips that have become tight from your activity.

Your specific requirements will dictate how we perform the massage. If the area is very tender, we may use a more gentle pressure to relieve pain and help clear out lactic acid.

If you’re dealing with something like tight hamstrings, we may use a deeper pressure combined with stretching to improve the elasticity of your muscle fascia.

If you want to know more about our sports massage practice, go ahead and give me a call and I can answer more specific questions.


Who is the sports massage for?

Sports massage is primarily for athletes, but anyone can benefit. If you find yourself dealing with specific areas that are painful, tight, or rigid, then this massage therapy can help you.

We often see individuals who practice CrossFit as well as younger adults who play high school and college sports. This massage can be useful for anyone but it is especially useful for those with sports injuries and tightness that is either painful or affecting performance.

What to expect during a sports massage

Before we start the sports massage I’ll ask you which areas are experiencing the most pain and tightness. From there, we can determine the level of pressure that you can handle and then go to work on relieving the knots and tension.

By working on these muscles, we’re able to break up scar tissue, clear lactic acid, and improve your muscle elasticity. We can also improve the elasticity of muscle fascia with deeper tissue massages. For an added experience, we can incorporate essential oils into the massage to improve relaxation as well as reduce pain and warm up muscles further.

In most cases, sports massage it’s something that our clients do on a regular basis because they are regularly participating in their sport. However, even a single massage can make a significant difference in how you feel.

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