Swedish massage is the massage technique that most people think about when they consider getting a massage. It was originally developed in Sweden because, hey, they know how to relax right? In fact, the primary goal of a Swedish massage is to fully relax your body.

Here’s a little more about the Swedish massage and what to expect…

What is a Swedish massage

With the Swedish massage technique, we work your muscles with long strokes and the direction of the blood returning to your heart. In doing so, we’re able to increase your blood oxygenation as well as remove toxins from your muscles. This massage technique is also exceptional for easing tension and improving your ability to relax.

There are also other forms of Swedish massage which includes circular pressure being applied to your hands and palms, meeting pressure, tapping, stretching, and bending. Communication with me is always encouraged as a way to guide me to your most tense spots.

Since the Swedish massage is so relaxing and what you would consider a mild massage, this is recommended for anyone who has never had a massage or prefers a more gentle pressure.  It’s the perfect way to relax for anyone who works at a desk, is stressed out, or just needs a break.

What happens during a Swedish massage?

In a Swedish massage, we lubricate your skin thoroughly with massage oil or lotion so that we can perform the various strokes along your muscles. Each movement is designed to warm up your muscles,  increase blood flow, and release tension in your muscles.

It promotes relaxation while simultaneously invigorating your body. Prior to the massage, I’ll ask about injuries to make sure that we steer clear of any painful places. You’ll also want to tell me any particularly tense areas that you would like to focus on.

Benefits of the Swedish massage

The Swedish massage includes a variety of benefits. First and foremost, relaxation is the goal and one that is easily achieved with this form of massage therapy. In addition to relaxation, the Swedish massage increases blood flow to your heart and increase the flow of lymph throughout your body which aids in detoxification. It also helps muscle strain, joint disorders, improves muscle elasticity, flexibility, and helps to reduce pain.

If you are dealing with any form of tight muscles, stress, high tension, pain, or need a break and a little bit of me time, give me a call to schedule a Swedish massage.

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